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News and comments from some of the previous entrants in the Beaulieu Music Awards

I remember attending my first Music at Beaulieu Award Concert many years ago and came away full of inspiration and excitement having just watched performances from some of the most talented musicians in the area. Since then my experiences in the audience and as a performer at the award concerts have been important in my development as a musician and instrumental in encouraging me to seek a career in music.
The competition day is a wonderful opportunity to perform in the fantastic acoustic of Beaulieu Abbey Church and to meet a panel of expert musicians in the interview part of the audition. I feel extremely fortunate to have had so much support from everyone at the Music at Beaulieu Award. 

The Junior Beaulieu Music award, for me, has been a beneficial and joyful experience. The application process was very simple and the adjudication was friendly and completely stress free - the adjudicator gave complimentary and constructive comments, that I will use in the future. The presentation that night was a thoughtful way of showing off all of the applicants in a relaxed way, and allowed us all to just enjoy performing our pieces to an audience.

After being honoured with the award, I found the monetary prize was very generous and allowed me to fund projects I wanted to do. The Award concert itself was professional but enjoyable, allowing the performers and winners to socialise and learn and admire each other, whilst performing to a packed church. I highly recommend this award for it has been enriching and enjoyable and everyone, whether they win or not, can gain something from it.

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity that the Music at Beaulieu competition has offered me. It has been really great to be a part of my first music competition and I have loved the experience! The junior award was a great opportunity to learn about the audition process and to be able to take part in it as well as having a great chat with the adjudicator and the other members of the panel who were there. The concert was also lovely and offered another great time for me to be able to perform, as I love to do. Overall it was a great experience with great people there who were all very friendly and very nice to talk to.

I would also like to thank you for the fantastic chance to play at the main award concert which was brilliant. To perform to an audience that size was great as well as to see all of the other musicians there performing. I was so inspired by Joshua playing that saxophone piece, he had my fixated as soon as he played that first note. I have just recently purchased it and I can't wait to start learning it now. It was also great to speak to the other musicians there who were all very easy going and very nice to be around.

I am so thankful that I got this chance and hopefully I'll see you next year although I am unsure which competition I will qualify for!

Thank you very much and I'd love to stay in contact!

All for now,
I’ll keep hunting!

Winning the 'Music at Beaulieu Award' was a fantastic experience, and it has really helped me on my way to starting a career in music. I recently graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with honours, and I am currently performing as a cellist in and around London, teaching a variety of instruments privately and in two schools and working as a music administrator for two orchestras. On the 18th October 2014 I performed Elgar's Cello Concerto with the Salisbury Sinfonia. I am hugely grateful to the Award Committee for all the help and support over the last few years.

Both the junior and senior music awards have been so helpful as they have paid for my two years in the National Youth Orchestra. It has been an incredible experience and I have played at some of the best music venues in the country, with of course the highlight being our annual performance in the proms. I have included the link to the TV broadcast of our most recent prom (I am shown quite a lot as I am principal piccolo).

At NYO I have received training from some of the top flautists in the UK including Katherine Bryan, Sarah Newbold and Richard Davis. They have helped me raised my standard of playing and because of this I have had a number of successes including winning the Portsmouth Concerto Award (from which I performed the Ibert Flute Concerto in March) and I also won the Winchester Concerto Competition by playing the Nielsen Flute Concerto.

I've just started my second year of my MMus in Performance and Pedagogy at the Birmingham Conservatoire. The award has helped me pay for that and allowed me to buy a Baroque oboe.

I'm currently touring around Europe with my piano trio.  We are currently in Austria and moving to Italy in a few days for some concerts. We are called the Amatis Trio and although we only formed 9 months ago we have been doing very well playing in some amazing venues and winning some great competitions so all is good here.

"When I auditioned for the Music at Beaulieu Award, one of my dreams was to one day enter the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition. The award helped me to develop as a musician and gave me the confidence to enter BBCYM and reach the woodwind finals while studying law in my first year at Oxford University. I am currently a trainee solicitor qualifying in March 2015 but I also continue to enjoy performing in concerts with the Oberon Symphony Orchestra in London."


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